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Creating Opt-in Subscriptions & Opt-out Services
Creating Opt-in Subscriptions & Opt-out Services

How to create an opt-in and out-out automated services

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It is easy to create Opt-in and Out-out services with Chatti's online platform.

A Opt-In Subscription service lets your contacts opt-in via SMS by sending a keyword like "JOIN", and opt-out by sending a keyword like "STOP". Subscribers will be added to a group on your Contacts page, so you can easily send SMS messages to all subscribers.

To create a Subscription service, go to the Services page and add a new service, then click "Subscription". Then simply fill in the keywords, auto-replies, and the name of the group to use.

Based on your settings, Chatti will generate the actions to handle incoming messages, which are displayed as a flowchart on your Services page:

If you need to modify these actions, edit the service and click "Customize Actions", which will let you edit the flowchart directly.

When sending marketing messages it is important to provide recipient with the option to opt-out of your marketing messages by either providing a opt-out link (see seperate help document) or providing the recipient with the option to opt-out by replying STOP.

Scheduling Messages After a Contact Subscribes

Chatti makes it easy to schedule a series of messages after a contact subscribes, such as "drip" marketing campaigns.

After creating a subscription service, select your subscribers group on the Contacts page, then click the (cog), icon to edit the group and configure which field is used to store the subscription time:

After defining a field for the subscription time, use the "Send SMS..." button on the Contacts page, or the "New Message" button on the Messages page, to schedule one or more messages relative to that date:

Repeat the last step for each of the messages in your series which should be sent after the contact subscribes.

Contacts will automatically receive your series of scheduled messages after they text your keyword to subscribe. In addition, contacts will automatically stop receiving your series of scheduled messages if they text your keyword to unsubscribe.

You can also edit these messages at any time from the Scheduled tab of the Messages page.

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