Introduction to Contacts Page

Contacts pages makes it easy to view and edit your contacts.

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Introduction to Contacts Page

Chatti's Contacts page makes it easy to view and edit your contact information, organize your contacts into groups, and easily filter and search them. In short, it's a simple CRM for your organisation's mobile contact information.


Adding and Editing Contacts

To add a new contact, click More at the top-right, then click Add new contact, then enter their contact information:


To add other custom fields (email address, birth date, city, notes, etc.) click Add more info...

To edit an existing contact, click the contact's name (or any other field) in the table.

It isn't necessary to add contacts before sending messages -- by default, Chatti will automatically create contacts for each phone number you communicate with. When a contact is created automatically, Chatti will set its name to be initially the same as its phone number.

Viewing Messages for a Contact

To view the conversation history for a particular contact, click the message bubbles icon to the left of the contact's name. This shows the same view as clicking on the contact's name from the Messages page:


Customizing Columns and Sorting Contacts

To customize which fields are visible in the Contacts table, click the + icon on the right side of the header row. (At least one contact must be displayed in order for the header row to be visible.) Then select which columns to display:


By default, Chatti sorts contacts by name. To sort contacts by another field, simply click the field's name in the header row. Contacts can be sorted by any field (except Groups) in ascending or descending order.

Selecting Contacts and Applying Actions

The Contacts page makes it easy to apply various actions to one or more contacts, such as sending an SMS message, adding contacts to groups, blocking/unblocking contacts, and deleting contacts. These actions are available at the top-left of the Contacts page:


In order to apply these actions to particular contacts, first select the desired contacts. To select/deselect a contact, click the checkbox at the left of the contact. To select or deselect all contacts, click the "select all" checkbox at the top left of the page. By default, the "select all" checkbox will only select the contacts that are currently visible on the current page. If there is more than one page of contacts, click the "Select all XXX contacts" link to select all contacts in the currently active group, search, or filter.

After selecting contacts, you can:

  • click Send SMS... to send a message to all selected contacts

  • click Call to send a voice call to selected contacts. Person-to-person calls only work with 1 contact at a time, but text-to-speech, recorded audio, or IVR calls can be sent to many contacts at once. (The Call button may not be visible if your project has disabled voice calls. Administrators can enable Voice Calls under Dashboard > Edit Settings)

  • click Groups... to add or remove all selected contacts from a group

  • click Actions > Block sending to block yourself from sending messages to the selected contacts

  • click Actions > Unblock sending to unblock yourself from sending messages to the selected contacts

  • click Actions > Update field to update the value of a particular field on the selected contacts

  • click Actions > Delete contacts to delete the selected contacts

In addition, you can click Actions > Add custom action to define new actions that appear in the Actions menu, which can help save time if you find yourself frequently performing the same task with different contacts.

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