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Each outgoing message in Chattabox can have one of several possible statuses.

To view messages with a particular status, go to Messages > Outgoing and click the Status filter.

Queued: Each outgoing message is initially in the Queued state, which means that Chatti hasn't yet attempted to send the message. Queued messages are displayed with light gray text.

Sent: Chatti has sent the message to the network, and the network accepted it without an error. If delivery reports are enabled for your route, the Sent status indicates that Chatti has not yet received a delivery report for that message. However, even when delivery reports are enabled, some mobile networks don't send delivery reports, so most "Sent" messages have likely been delivered. Sent messages are displayed with normal text formatting.

Failed: Your mobile network or SMS provider rejected the message immediately when Chatti tried to send the message. Chatti will not automatically retry to send this message. This can happen for several reasons, for example if the sending route did not have credit to send messages, if the recipient phone number was invalid, or if your route lost connectivity to the mobile network. Failed messages are displayed in light gray text on an orange background and show an error message starting with "Failed".

Retrying: This message initially failed to send, but Chatti has re-queued the message and will automatically attempt to retry sending the message later. Retrying messages are displayed with light gray text on a light orange background.

Delivered: Chatti has sent the message and also received a delivery report saying the message was delivered to the recipient mobile phone. Delivered messages are displayed with a check mark on the right-hand side. Occasionally, some mobile networks or SMS providers may send Chatti a delivery report indicating that a message was delivered even if the message was not actually delivered. (Messages containing short links will also have the Delivered status if the recipient clicks the link or loads a link preview, even if Chatti did not receive a delivery report.)

Not Delivered: Chatti originally sent the message to the mobile network without an error, but later received a delivery report saying the message was not able to be delivered to the recipient handset. This could happen if the recipient phone was not turned on or not connected to the network for a long time, or if the recipient phone number has been deactivated.

Cancelled: Messages that were not sent because you cancelled them first. Cancelled messages are shown in light gray text with a line through the middle.

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