Creating Messaging Campaigns
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"New Campaign" wizard makes it easy to send and schedule messaging campaigns to groups of contacts.

Creating a campaign has the same effect as using the "New Message" dialog to send or schedule a message to a group. The main difference is that the "New Campaign" wizard also leads you step-by-step through the process of creating a group and importing contact information, so it is easier if you're just getting started with Chatti.

To start, click "New Campaign" from your Dashboard (alternatively, from the Messages page click More > New campaign).

Campaign Types

The first step in creating a campaign is to choose which type of campaign to create:

  • A Basic Campaign sends a broadcast to many contacts at once, either immediately or at a scheduled time.

  • A Relative Campaign sends messages to different contacts at different times, e.g. a number of days after they subscribe, or as a reminder before an appointment or renewal date.

Campaign Timing

After choosing your campaign type, the next step is to specify when to send the campaign.

With a Basic Campaign, you just specify when to send the message to all contacts:

In contrast, with a Relative Campaign, you specify which contact field to use to schedule the message:

To send a series of messages (e.g., for drip marketing), you can create multiple relative campaigns using the same date field, with a different offset before or after that date.

Campaign Recipients

Each campaign is sent to a single group of contacts in Chattabox. When creating a new campaign, you can either select an existing contact group, or create a new group.

In the example above, the "Monthly Active Users" and "Non-Active Users" are dynamic groups which are updated automatically based on contact information. Learn more about creating dynamic groups

When creating a new group, you can import contacts from a CSV file or spreadsheet. The contact information can also optionally include other fields that you want to insert into each message. If you are creating a relative campaign, the date field you selected in the first step should also be imported for each contact.

Compose Message

Next, compose the message you want to send. To insert variables into each message from your contact information, click "Insert variable".

Preview and Confirm Campaign

Before sending or scheduling the campaign, you can preview the messages and edit the campaign settings if necessary:

After scheduling a campaign, you can edit it at any time from the Scheduled tab of the Messages page.

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