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Chattabox Messages page is where you can view, organize, and search all your SMS messages and voice calls.

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Chattabox Messages page is where you can view, organize, and search all your SMS messages and voice calls, and where you can send or schedule messages and calls to individual contacts or groups of contacts.


As new messages or calls are received or sent, the Messages page updates in real-time, without needing to be refreshed. All pages on Telerivet that support real-time updates have the text Live updates in the bottom right corner. A blue circle is displayed if the real-time server connection is currently working; a gray/white circle

is displayed if the real-time server connection is currently broken.

You can also enable audio or desktop notifications when a new message is received via Account > Personal Settings > Incoming Message Notifications.

Viewing Conversations

The Conversations tab on the Messages page automatically groups your messages by contact, and sorts the contacts by the most recent message.

Next to each contact's name, Chattabox displays the total number of messages in the conversation in parentheses.

The background color of the conversation shows who sent the most recent message in the conversation. The conversation is displayed on a white background if the most recent message in the conversation was sent by you (outgoing), or on a gray background if it was sent by the contact (incoming).

There are three possible statuses for each conversation: Active, Handled, or Closed.

Active conversations are displayed in bold, and indicate the conversations with incoming messages that are awaiting a response. If a conversation has received multiple incoming messages in a row, the number of new messages is shown in a blue box.

By default, a conversation's status changes to Handled whenever a reply is sent to an incoming message. You can also change the conversation status manually using the Status dropdown.

The Filters section lets you filter conversations by contact group (if you have defined any groups on the Contacts page) and conversation status.

Click the contact's name to open the conversation:


On this screen, you can read the contact's previous messages, send more messages to that contact, change the conversation status, and view or edit the contact information. The sidebar on the right side of the screen shows the latest conversations, and lets you switch between conversations. You can also click Back to return to the list of all conversations.

Filtering and Searching Messages

While the Conversations tab only shows the most recent message for each contact, the All messages tab shows the full content of every message:


The search box (at the top left) lets you search for any word or phrase within the message content, as well as the contact's name or phone number. To search the content of your messages, it is necessary to search for complete words -- Chatti search engine won't match different words that have the same prefix or stem as your search query.

The checkboxes in the Filters section let you quickly filter your messages according to various conditions, including:

In addition, the Broadcasts tab lets you see all messages you sent to two or more contacts at once, and the Scheduled tab lets you view or cancel your upcoming scheduled messages.

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